Weekly Food Log 1/25-1/31

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January 27, 2016 by Virginia James

So I decided it would be easier to plan my weekly meals by posting them in this format -which will be my format from now on- Not only is it easier to read and see the meals for the entire week, but this format helps me figure out my weekly grocery shopping list!

For breakfast this week, it’s all about getting protein in forΒ the morning, with eggs!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Breakfasts

Breakfast Tacos: Soyrizo cooked on stovetop with Avocado Oil, and one scrambled egg. Two Corn tortillas (not flour).

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Breakfasts

Ezekiel French Toast: Ezekiel bread soaked in Almond Milk, Egg, Cinnamon and other spices, then grilled and served with Agave Nectar and a side of fruit. Get Recipe HERE.


Lunch time!let’s get some tuna and chicken in the mix!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Lunch

Tuna Sandwhich: Ezekiel bread, half can of tuna (in water), slice of Avocado, fat free Feta cheese, and Broccoli sprouts -served with a serving of fruit and raw, unsalted nuts

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Lunch

Chicken salad: leafy greens, baby spinach or spring mix salad, with skinless boneless chicken breast grilled and sliced. Tossed with 2 Tbspns balsamic vinaigrette and walnuts.


I am (and always will be) a Pizza Girl! So for this week, I’m cooking up TWO styles of pizza to enjoy with aΒ serving of fruits and Β veggies on the side πŸ™‚

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Dinner

Portobello Cap Pizzas: 2 portobello mushroom caps, tomato sauce + herbs, spices, part-skim mozzarella, veggie toppings (Get Recipe HERE), served with roasted brussel sprouts, and a side of fruit.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Dinner

Cauliflower Pizza: withΒ unsalted marinara sauce, part-skim GO VEGGIE! mozzarella style ‘cheese’, and topped with grilled mushrooms. Get Recipe HERE. Served with a side spring salad and a serving of fruit.


Much Love,




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