Food Log 1/16/16

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January 17, 2016 by Virginia James

Breakfast: Egg Scramble w/ Toast

  • 3 egg whites Scrambled with 1/3 cup shredded Spinach. (by ‘shredded’ I mean, I literally tear up the leaves in my hands- I like doing this because it can be sprinkled over the egg whites and distributed evenly while cooking)
  • 1/2 Slice Toast drizzled with 1 tsp of Raw Honey  (I only eat breads if made from scratch -otherwise, I get one full slice of Ezekiel bread. When eating breads from scratch -cut serving in half. I stay away from regular store-bought breads due to the amounts of preservatives. natural bread should start going bad within a couple of days.)
  • 1 8oz glass of Switchel

Haven’t tried Switchel yet? Get the recipe HERE!

Snack: Nuts

  • Just a handful of Almonds is all I need for today. That glass of Switchel gave me a punch of energy!


Lunch: Tuna Sandwich

  • 2 slices Ezekiel Bread
  • 1 Serving Tuna (I get the Tuna canned in water to save $$ -but if you prefer the fancier stuff -go for it!)
  • As many leaves of lettuce that sandwich can hold!
  • 1 tsp of mustard
  • 1 tsp hot sauce -I like Tapatio
  • 1 Pinch of pepper


Snack: Post workout Drink!

  • I like using Syntha-6 isolate Protein Powder with water. If I want an extra kick of energy, I’ll add frozen berries. Also, I prefer isolate protein because I’m lactose intolerant.


Dinner: Chicken with Green Beans

  • 1 Chicken Breast; boneless, skinless, fat-trimed; Grilled and sliced (For Chicken seasoning: 1 pinch pepper, 1 pinch garlic powder, 1 pinch onion powder and a tiny bit of lemon juice -absolutely NO SALT. Salt will make you bloat, and you want to feel good before you hit the hay)
  • 3oz of Green beans cooked -either boiled or roasted.
  • 1/4 Avocado sliced.

For this dinner plate in particular, I like to slice the chicken and just mash all the ingredients together with my fork so that I can get a bit of avocado in each bite. Who says you can’t play with your food?

Much Love,




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