Rewarding Yourself

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January 6, 2016 by Virginia James

After seeing progress – How should I reward myself?

Throughout the year, there will always be a moment to celebrate all of the small stepping stones to a healthier, fitter you! Any why not? You deserve a little something for ditching the soda for a month, for completing all of your workouts at the end of the week… for staying positive and finding new ways to motivate yourself!

How often should I reward myself?

I like to do something every 2 weeks/twice a month -mainly because that’s how often I get paid. It helps to set aside a small rewards jar, where you can insert a dollar, or five, or ten every so often. Once you meet your long-term goals, you can crank that jar open and enjoy yourself!

There is only one rule when it comes to rewarding yourself:

1: Do not reward with food

At first, it may seem a bit difficult to figure out how to reward yourself without a tasty treat, but brainstorming helps. What I like to do is set money aside every day, and buy myself a little something at the end of every month that I feel I’m progressing.

Here’s how I reward myself:

  • A Fit-bit/other workout gadget
  • Workout clothes
  • A new set of weights/kettle bell/barbell
  • Healthy recipe book
  • A new novel/comic
  • A new video game
  • cookware

So why not food? Because you’re not a dog. When a dog gets a treat, he is training himself to crave more treats. You are human and you deserve better than that. Having a constant ‘treat’ will set you up for failure. That’s what we are preventing. So let’s not look to food to train us into cravings and look towards something better, something that will make your soul flutter! 

Here are other ideas:

  • Plan a night out with friends
  • Go to the movies
  • Trip to a theme park
  • Relax at the Beach for the day
  • Treat yourself with a new Outfit or pair of shoes
  • Do a favor or get a gift for a loved one
  • Visit a friend you haven’t seen in awhile


Much Love,




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