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January 5, 2016 by Virginia James

Goals are the stepping stones to the ultimate YOU! Without having a goal in mind, you really aren’t working towards anything. You can make the attempt to get fit without a specific goal, but that leaves you floating in the ocean just waiting for Sharks to eat you up.  Sharks are what I call: a person, or group of people who are actively trying to steer you away from your health and fitness goals. They may not be doing this intentionally, but if Janet constantly asks me fifty times in a row to serve myself a heaping plate at the company potluck, I would consider her a Shark. They bite you down and drown you in guilt when saying no. Again, they may be doing this to be nice, and might not realize how bad it is of her to be a roadblock in my highway to health, but I need be firm and just say NO. And so do you! Don’t float in the water waiting for Sharks!

Keeping a goal in mind is like floating on a lifesaver in a relaxing swimming pool at sunset. Goals make it easier on us because we can weigh in our choices. Do I want to meet my goal and lose 2 inches off my waistline? …or do I want a big slice of that super greasy pizza? It helps to put things into perspective when weighing the pros and cons. Let’s lean more towards the PROS. Think of how amazing you’ll feel after losing those 2 inches, whereas, the pizza is going to make you feel sluggish for the rest of the day. Which would you prefer?

When it comes to goal, there are a few rules that I go by in terms of how to decide what it’s going to be. Here are the steps and rules I go by when deciding and journaling my goals:

  1. Decide on an attainable goal –keyword: attainable. Benching 2,000 lbs would be amazing, but definitely not realistic. I prefer something like… losing a certain # of inches off my waist, or hips, or gaining a certain # of inches of muscle on my arms. Or even something like completing a certain # of push-ups that I haven’t been able to do in one set. Or it could be eating clean for a month straight. The possibilities are endless!
  2. After the goal is decided, think of the timeline. Again, let’s be realistic. You can’t lose 4 inches off your waist in three days. I like to give myself anywhere between 2-4 months, depending on how disciplined you are with your diet, or how intense your workouts are. If your goal is to eat clean for a month, obviously that timeline will be one month from the start date.
  3. WRITE IT DOWN –Journaling may sound kinda girly, but it actually does help set everything in motion in terms of achieving your goals. Type up, or write out a contract describing your goal, what specific date you’ll start working on it, and what date you expect to achieve that goal. Make it a passionate letter to yourself, and explain why you want to achieve it. Add a signature line at the bottom and sign it off. When you get to your end-date, you’ll be overcome with joy looking back at the letter and seeing how happy you  are now compared to how you felt while writing that letter.






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